Ing. arch. Miroslav Kopecký, CSc.Autobiography

I was born on October 9, 1943 in Prague, in the family of an engineering office holder. From the age of 6 years I lived in the city of Vysoke Myto, where I gained my elementary vocational education at the Secondary School of Civil Engineering. I liked to draw and read and took interest in monuments. I was admitted to the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague in 1961. I graduated in 1967 in the field of architecture and city building, at the Department of civic and residential buildings.

Koncertní síň československého rozhlasu

During my architectural studies I worked on some challenging assignments, especially at the Department of civic and residential buildings with Prof. Antonin Cerny. One of them, which I consider as especially successful, was thesis-related project of concert hall of Czechoslovak radio.

I verified spatial conceptions on three-dimensional models of proposed buildings. In addition to drawing and photography, I also liked to model. There were limited possibilities of travelling, which I enjoyed (Jugoslavia - 1964, student exchange trip , Bulgaria, 1965 - the practice of drawing on the island of Nesebar).

Since 1968 I was employed in the Regional Design Institute in Hradec Kralove, Pardubice (Stavoprojekt). In this period of time (from 1969 to 1970) I attended a private practice at the British architectural company C.H. Elsom and Partners Architects in London as an unpaid vacation. Here I worked mainly on the redevelopment of the city centre of Slough by Windsor.

kreslířská praxe na ostrově NesebarAfter my return from year stay in London, I continued working in Stavoprojekt on the projects for East Bohemia. At this time, designing and planning had to be significantly conformed to building production. As a consequence, buildings from this period show strong resemblance to each other and their aesthetic value is low, as options to influence their appearance and details were limited. Therefore, despite the fact that I saw my professional fulfilment mainly in designing, I refused to further participate on this form of construction. Project of the combined investment of "51 apartments, post office, small shop and veterinary centre" in Prelouc, constructed on early 70s of the 20th century, affirmed my opinion about this. Consequently I left to the Regional centre of state heritage preservation and conservation of nature in East Bohemia, located in Pardubice. My new position was architect conservationist, planning restorations of castles and chateaux.

Restoration of castles and chateaux of East Bohemia in the role of both conservationist and project submitter was very responsible work, interesting and beneficial. It allowed me to learn thoroughly about historical development of these structures, looking for possible new applications, implementing structural support of often eroded bearing structures and building technical infrastructure. I developed a special relationship to Hospital Kuks. During this time I fulfilled my personal creative ambition on another project; restoration of interior of the East Bohemian Theatre in Pardubice in cooperation with Ing. arch. Libor Cernik in the years 1974 - 1985.

I completed my external postgraduate research at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University, Department of Theory and History of Architecture, from 1983 to 1986. I focused on historical development of residential area, of city Pardubice in particular. My supervisor was doc. Milada Radova. After successfully defending the dissertation thesis, my employer did not offer me an appropriate working position, so I left for the Municipal urban centre in Pardubice. I returned to designing and projecting, for the needs of the city and later region Pardubice, where I worked in the years 1987 - 1989.

In anticipation of more favourable conditions for the architect work after November 17, 1989, I ended employment contract on my own request and became a freelance designer. I was actively involved in preparations towards creating the professional organization of the Czech Chamber of Architects. At first I was a regional representative for the Pardubice region , currently a member of the Supervisory board, elected for Bohemia region for the period of 2013 to 2016.

Since 1990 I designed either on my own or in cooperation with ADAM studio. From 1992 to 1997 I worked as a partner in ATELIER Atis Pardubice company Ltd., engaged with projecting and designing buildings, including engineering. Many commissions belong to this period, e.g. family house in Cestice, interiors of the State Regional Archive in Pardubice and "Chmelarska" insurance company. These were successfully designed and constructed. An exception was design and project of CESA - SAT company´s building, designed for flight controls of the first czech telecommunication satellite in Pardubice - Trnova. Challenging construction was partly built, however without satellite technology, as the investor was not able to accomplish the whole original plan.

Since 1997 until now I perform the profession of an accredited architect. I design and project both buildings and interiors, on my own or in cooperation with other specialists. One of the larger new buildings, constructed on the basis of my design and project, is the nursing house in Chrast, Chrudim region.

Hospital Kuks

I designed an architectural study of reconstruction and usage change of two adjacent schools in Jahnova street and Comenius square in Pardubice in the years 1999 - 2001. This was intended for the newly created Pardubice Region and the Regional Office, with the connection to the building of the former district office. This commission included carrying out supervision during project and realization, design of entrance areas, corridors and assembly hall for 150 people.

Recently I have worked on designs and projects of several family houses. The important achievement was also an architectural design of exhibition of pharmaceutical industry, placed in seven basement rooms of the former hospital in Kuks. This exhibition was realized and opened in 2014.

At last, dental workplace PROKSTOMA Ltd. in row family house in Pardubice - Studanka was completed and started business in 2015, according to my design proposal and project.

Miroslav Kopecky